Top Best Pages to Watch Football Online for Free

Living the passion for sports is much easier today with the inclusion of the pages to watch football online for free on the Internet. That is why we bring you a compilation of the best portals that exist.

It should be noted that this list names different websites that are currently active, but it should be borne in mind that there are certain sites that are available exclusively for certain countries. Though there are few sites giving access to watch nba games also along with football to watch live.

Is it legal to watch free football online on the web?

It is no secret to anyone that the platforms where you can watch sports online free are periodically closed for economic reasons.

However, currently there are still some active web pages that are in charge of offering these services and they are totally legal, which will be presented below in a verified list.

An excellent option to enjoy football is through the access of online bookmakers, thanks to the following advantages:

  • Opportunity not to miss a game, as well as offering excellent playback quality and no broadcast cuts
  • You have the possibility to place live bets, which can increase the probability of generating income quickly
  • It does not violate the pirated content regulations on the web since they are official portals

Watch Football Matches online for Free


If you are outside the Spanish territory, many of these portals are not available, so the use of a VPN is recommended.

There are tons on the Internet that you can download and they are free. These serve to hide your IP address and configure one from another country in particular, allowing access to these websites.

However, most of the alternatives presented are enabled for all countries in the world.

  • Transmission of all BBVA league games, being the official online betting center for this
  • Viewing of the other matches in other leagues in the world: France, Holland, Italy, England, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, among others …
  • Excellent streaming service for reproductions with the best possible quality
  • 15 daily free gold chips and tons of promotions
  • For all new users they give away a free bet

Network Stream

This is one of the sites that have more years of experience and that offers the best quality to watch football online that you should not stop using.

Network Stream is characterized by:

  • Offer the best service for broadcasting matches with the best sound and image quality
  • You can view all the games in the Champions League without missing any
  • The site is in English, but its navigation is very simple. Choose the game you want to watch and click on “Live Stream”


This is one of the portals on the Internet where football matches can be viewed online in streaming without any interruption.

Movistar + features:

  • You just need to register and cancel one of the fees
  • The disadvantage, compared to other websites, is that it is a paid service with fees that can be annual or monthly
  • It gives users the possibility of enjoying the matches of the Champions League and La Liga for free for four months
  • The broadcasts of the matches have excellent image and sound quality
  • In Movistar + there are different channels, having a certain package for matches in Movistar Fútbol (being a special one that lasts 5 years) with: LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3 TV, Movistar Partidazo and Movistar Champions League
  • It has an app that you can download on any device.


If you are not in Spain and do not want to download a VPN to enjoy your soccer game, Suertia is the best option.

Registered users enjoy the following advantages:

  • Viewing of the Europa League and Champions League games totally free
  • Bookmaker, so you can win money with them while watching the matches online
  • Calendars of all sporting events to be broadcast
  • It is one of the sites preferred by the public for the broadcast of all the leagues in the world
  • Welcome bonuses and an online chat
  • It has an application for mobile devices


Like Sportium this is another sports betting house that offers its users the option of watching football matches online through a simple registration. If you want to see the classic with excellent quality, this is a good alternative.

BetFair is characterized by:

  • Give a € 100 bonus with the registration of a user so that they can start their experience on the page
  • Online gambling while viewing the game
  • Allow users to set their own quotas in order to generate greater benefits for this

William Hill

If you are a fan of UEFA, this is the best alternative to choose from. One more betting house from the list in which its users benefit from the portal since:

  • It’s totally free
  • The best UEFA Champions League broadcasts for being one of the official betting centers
  • It is not necessary to bet to watch the games online, you just have to make sure that the “Live” logo is found
  • Viewing the broadcast to watch football online from all the leagues in the world
  • Online betting center while you enjoy the game
  • You have an app available for mobile devices
  • Deposits and bets are secure
  • They give € 10 free for each registration and € 1000 after the first deposit


This page has been recognized over the years by the Spanish public for offering the services to watch football online for free, being an online TV platform that allows the viewing of live channels.

EliteGolTV has the following advantages among other websites:

  • Broadcasts of sports matches, whether soccer or other, without ads and totally free
  • It allows the emission of the matches of any league online such as: Europa League, Premier League, Copa Libertadores, UEFA Champions, Copa Sudamericana and others
  • The management of the page is quite simple, you just have to register and click on the game you want to see to start the transmission
  • Availability of live or deferred football matches

Your Scoreboard

This portal has been one of the most chosen by users due to its excellent operation for matches in the English and Spanish leagues. It can be said that the best that Your Bookmark offers is:

  • Fully reliable and prevents transmission drops or interruptions as best as possible
  • It has some commercials that can be skipped just by waiting a few seconds
  • The broadcast quality is in HD
  • Live commentary from portals like bEin Sports and Movistar +
  • Its use is quite simple, you just have to access it and choose the link of the match you want to see

Tiki Taka

The Tiki taka house is one of the most recommended platforms on the web to watch football online for free. In addition to sporting events, there is a wide variety of television channels. Noteworthy:

  • Variety of sports channels like Fox Sport and Fox Sport 2
  • Its use is very simple, you just need to register and select the channel and the game you want to watch at that time. You must wait for a twenty-five second advertisement
  • Live streaming of matches in HD
  • On the recommendation of users, it should be used for viewing deferred games for better quality.

RojaDirecta TV

This website is one of the oldest on the list since it has been running for approximately 8 years and has been one of the public’s favorites.

Roja Directa TV stands out for:

  • Access streaming sports events
  • It is linked with other known web portals such as JustinTV and Ustream
  • No registration is required to enjoy broadcasts
  • A negative aspect that it has is the number of advertisements during the reproductions
  • It has an application for Android and iOS devices
  • Excellent audio and image quality
  • It is a free service
  • Provides access to press conferences and recorded games


The PirloTV platform is very similar in the design of its page to that of EliteGol and is also positioned as one of the best in this list.

Among its main characteristics we find that:

  • On its platform it has twenty different sports channels
  • It has an app to watch games on Android mobile devices
  • Advertisements are not as annoying as on other sites
  • Viewing matches in HD and full screen
  • Ability to play multiple games simultaneously
  • Its navigation is easy to decipher since you only need to wait for the ad to finish to start watching the broadcast

Top 4 Recommended Applications for viewing matches online

In addition to the websites for watching football online mentioned in the top 11, there is a wide variety of applications for mobile devices. Some of them are:

LiveStream: used to view all football matches without having to pay. It is very simple to use since you only need to download it, register and choose the alternative you want

Gol Televisión: offers broadcasts from the Premier League, Europa League, Spanish League and more. Its prices are very accessible and it has an incomparable versatility with other apps

Kodi Tv: It is the best open source software alternative for Smartphones and tablets to watch football for free. It has the advantage that it can be connected with a Smart TV for a better experience

Sopcast: it is one of the most used apps to enjoy the streaming service. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac as well. The image and video quality is one of the best it has to offer

Best page to watch football online for free

Among the list of the best pages to watch football online for free is among the best Sportium, as a betting house, and Movistar +, as the only platform for broadcasting live matches.

Sportium has been chosen as one of the best for the number of promotions it offers to users in betting and the excellent quality they provide.

And Movistar + is an excellent alternative, despite having paid packages, because HD transmission is unique and incomparable with other portals.

It should be noted that when choosing a free vs. paid option, we must bear in mind that the free ones most of the time have a lower quality than the others, in addition to the appearance of advertisements during the broadcast.

If you do not have a good Internet connection, it is not recommended that you watch football matches online until it stabilizes as the transmission signal will be inefficient