Best DSLR camera’s of 2019

1. Nikon D3400 Best DSLR Cameras 2019 with Kit 1571B (Black) – (Certified Refurbished) 24.2 Mega Pixel 18-55 mm VR Lens

Founded in the year 1917 about 101 years ago as a Japanese Company has now become the worldwide best camera provider other than Cannon. Founded by Makato Kimura and the Headquarter is located in Tokyo of Japan. In the year 2016, the average revenue of the whole company was about 900 billion yen which is their own currency.

Features and Performance

Nikon D3400 Included among the Top 5 most popular and is ranked at number #1 position in the Best Seller Amazon list of the Best DSLR Camera 2019 and it also ranks number #134 in the Photo and Camera section. With a weight of about 2.4 pounds and an actual perfect dimension of about (11.3,9.1,6.6) inches, it is a little bit of heavy than the others mentioned here due to the over a load of features and specifications. 1 Set of 12-volt batteries comes included in the delivered box. The official launch date of the product was on 16th of May 2017 and it is well known that it is the most successful campaign of Nikon company. The connectivity to any other third party device is extremely great due to several numbers of ports available. The price can easily fit among anyone’s budget. With an average rating of about 5 stars out of 5 stars, there are genuine customer reviews and doubtful questions are answered by the seller to clear every verification about the product to the visitors. It is a certified refurbished product from the Amazon Itself which means that it has been checked by Amazon and rated a guarantee and will be taken care by Amazon if any issue arises. There are many fewer products available in the store with this certified refurbished batch.


The best ever DSLR Cameras 2019 and ranked at the Top of Best Seller Amazon List

The price is moderate and can easily adjust the budget but will last longer than the others

The Technology used here is latest with CMOS Dual pixel with Auto Focus which makes the picture quality and video recording high definition and perfect

Have a shooting speed of 7 frames per second to capture fast moving objects with focus too

The Sensor used here is CMOS(APS-C) to make the image responsive and of high resolution with 24.2 Mega Pixel

The ViewFinder has a coverage of 100% and more

The Auto Focus used here is the 45 points cross type to provide the image more focus on some selective areas

The Configuration used is the base, Free accessory bundle, and storage bundle and can be chosen for an extra amount of price

The camera body comes with 18 to 55 mm lens and a video creator kit

The display is full LCD of 3 inches with a strong digital zoom of 1x

Weight is 2.4 pounds and the dimension is (11.3,9.1,6.6) inches

Free Shipping and have a total replace warranty of 90 days by the company


The average rating is 5 stars out of 5 and has almost all positive reviews according to the price and specifications

The camera does not have a jack for mic

Do not get delivered with a memory card and have to be bought separately

2. Nikon D850 Best DSLR Cameras 2019 Body FX-Format – Best Seller

Founded by Makoto Kimura on the July 25th of 1917 which is about 101 years ago and the headquarter is located in Tokyo of Japan. The other products which they mainly focus are the SLR Camera, Binoculars, microscopes, laser range finder and many more.

Features and Performance

Nikon D850 is one of the most costly items with extraordinary features in the market and comes among the Top 5 with a rank of number #1 position in the New Release Best DSLR Cameras 2019 section including a number #145 in the Photo and Camera section too. The product has been launched recently on the 24th of August 2017 and occupies the first position of the Best Seller list of Amazon which just cannot be believed. With a weight of about 2 pounds and dimension is (5.8,3.1,4.9) inches which just works perfectly. The average rating is about 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Extended warranty and free shipping policy make it, even more, trustworthy if bought from Amazon. The megapixels and the viewfinder makes it more awesome than it seems to do so. There have been not 10 days since it was launched and have about 6 genuine customer reviews and 8 answered questions from the seller. The resolution works extreme and better than anyone in the market available.


Ranked as the number # in the New Release Camera section of Amazon Best Seller list

Weight is 2 pounds with a dimension of (5.8,3.1,4.9) inches

The price is extremely higher and also said as the most costly one and meant for professionals in jobs or serious work

The Video Recording is extremely High Definition with 4 k Ultra capturing

The DSLR Camera can record up to slow motion of 120 frames per second at 1080 P

Special Features are the Focus Shift Shooting mode and Touch Screen which is tilting in nature with Longer battery and performance than others

It can also record time-lapse movies of 4 K and 8 K 2 with high definition and extra sharpness

Have a continuous shooting speed of about 9 frames per second which is the advanced generation technology used here with Auto Focus

The Resolution is made extraordinary with a megapixel of about 45.7 the greatest in the world which comes with a facility of dynamic range and no sign of more

There is no optical low pass filter and have an image sensor of Backside illuminated full frame sensor equip in it

  1. The Camera body comes with a 6 different lens to choose from with a several prices for each one like 105 mm lens, 200 to 500 mm lens, 24 to 120 mm lens, 24 to 70 mm lens, 28 mm lens, and 8 to 15 mm lens

Can even function best in low light conditions with an -4 E V


Average rating of 5 stars out of 5 with proof that no other camera can match it’s ability so far

The best ever costly with all the next generation camera qualities equip in it

No negative reviews to mention here other than the girls who say that it is meant for only men

3. Canon EOS Rebel T5 Best DSLR Cameras 2019 Kit with EF-S IS II Lens 18-55 mm

As I have discussed Canon is a Multi-National Japanese Company founded in the year 1937 by Japanese businessman Takeshi Mitarai. The headquarter is located in Tokyo of Japan. The area they serve includes worldwide selling and distribution of its products. They have also many major products other than the camera which they provide like printers, digital cameras, flash units, calculators including scientific, computer, projector, projectors and many more.

Features and Performance

Canon EOS Rebel T5 comes in the Top 3 and is ranked number #3 position in the Best DSLR Camera section of the Amazon Best Seller list and it also ranks number #162 in the Photo and Camera section. The weight is about 1.1 pounds and the dimension is (8.7,6.5,5.4) inches to carry and hold smoothly. On the 19th of June, the product was officially made available in the market. A special warranty is provided and the delivery is extremely free of cost bought from the Amazon Online Store. It makes photography much easier for the professional due to several features which comes included with it like the lightweight construction and various shooting modes like Scene Intelligent Auto and much more. The average buyer rating is almost awesome with 4.7 stars out of 5 with 648 customer reviews and 518 questions solved by the seller.


The Exact weight is about 1.1 pounds and has an actual dimension of about (8.7,6.5,5.4) inches

Have a continuous shooting speed of about 3 Frames per second and Built-in flash

The cost is extremely low in comparison to others but the features are still more

For maintaining the picture quality Creative Filers and Scene Intelligent Auto mode are equipped in it

For hands-on High Definition recording and picture quality, the EOS 1080 P Movie Mode is used

The Display is High Definition with a 3-inch display and monitors total crystal clear liquid to make the view smooth and easily shared

The Picture can be expanded with a standard zoom with EF-S 18 to 55 mm IS II Lens

The Image processor used here is DIGIC 4 which makes it extremely fast with capture and shooting

The Image Sensor is CMOS (APS-C) with about 18 Mega Pixels

It is a certified refurbished product from Amazon which makes it perfect for a special warranty

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