Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Rats!

Rats are those irksome creatures that can obtrude your home and destroy most of the appliances and objects.

In order to survive, rats simply require a shelter, water, and food, and if your home provide all these conditions, then think no more, there is a chance of this creature to infest your home.

The most frequently found species of rats are “Norway Rats” and “Roof Rats”, which easily entices garbage, pet food, compost bins, food droppings, pieces of fruits and vegetables, etc. On top of all this, they carry over 20 types of diseases, which are a constant threat to human being.

They reside in attics, sacks, basement, pipelines, kitchen, cabinet, and all other places which are out of reach to human beings.

According to Ratting On Rodents Inc below are some of the effective ways to get rid of rats quickly and easily:

1. MOTH BALLS : Moth balls frustrate rats. They dont seem to be good friends with them. They are also readily available in the market and are also easy to handle. Place few in the areas which are likely to be home to rats. However, the smell of moth balls are harmful to human beings, therefore care must be taken while placing and always use a gloves while handling them.

2. PEPPERMINT OIL : Peppermint oil is very much effective in putting a halt to rats entering your house. These rats cannot withstand its penetrating smell. Take some cotton balls and dip them in peppermint oil and place in areas, which are susceptible to rats. This method is guaranteed to give happy results.


3. PEPPER : The strong smell of pepper makes it difficult for rats to breath and thus leaving your house. Sprinkle some crushed pepper in the interior of the house, especially in the nook and corners, holes where they mostly live. Positive results can be obtained within days.

4. BAY LEAF : Rats usually consume bay leaf thinking it as their food, but by consuming it, they die. Place bay leafs in the rat prone areas, and repeat the steps until all of them disappears.

5. BUY OR BUILD YOUR OWN TRAP : Catching hold of them by placing traps is another effective way to get rid of them. Place baits like peanut butter or cheese in the traps to attract rats. As they try to consume it, they get trapped. Leave them somewhere far away from your house after they are caught in the tarp rather than killing them.

6. SOUND : Playing heavy sounds in rat prone homes is effective in removing them. Rats don’t bear heavy sounds as their ear’s bleed by the noises.

Other things to consider when keeping rodents away:1. Always keep your surrounding, nook and corners clean.2. Seal all the small holes or possible entry paths of rodents and other insects.3. Always keep your garbage can neat and take them out regularly to empty them.4. Owning a pet cat.5. Always clean floors with disinfecting liquids to keep your home, disease free.